About Davidsons Music, Inc.

Founded in 1980 by Jack and Madonna Woods, Davidsons Music began offering unique music courses in how to teach yourself to play various aspects of music. Madonna has a Masters degree in piano and has many years of teaching experience. She learned first hand what most students really wanted and needed to learn.

She felt that children needed more interesting music books filled with familiar tunes, and they weren't getting it in the conventional piano curriculum with its emphasis on scales, obscure classics, and exercises. Their parents didn't want them exposed to so much modern secular music and thought it would be nice if they could enjoy their music more. She found herself constantly looking for little books with familiar hymns at the various levels. If she found any, they didn't quite fit with what the child was learning in the course books.

Adult students weren't always getting what they seemed to want either. Some of them wanted to improve their musical skills in their church work. So she wrote many courses for them on learning to play gospel style piano, how to transpose, change keys, improvise, lead congregational singing, and read music much faster.

Many of the students just wanted to learn to play for their own enjoyment, and by ear if possible. So she wrote a series of courses on teaching yourself to play by ear, chord, add fills, runs, and many evangelistic embellishments.

While Madonna was writing her courses and Davidsons Music was selling them, Jack saw to running the company. When he passed away in 1986, Madonna went on by herself, writing and entire curriculum for teaching children piano through her Piano Course for Christians in 6 books and 8 CDs. The full curriculum is now 47 books and 42 CDs - all carefully coordinated to fill out each of the 6 levels of piano instruction - and all Christian in nature.

It has now been used by thousands of students (and their parents). It is especially designed for homeschool use with full lesson plans and instructions for parents to tutor their children.

It has become our guiding principle to offer adult students comprehensive instruction in the kind of music they want to learn.

Our mission for children is to offer them music instruction that will help them grow in musical knowledge and in Christian grace.