Full Right Hand Chording (#221 Book and CD)

Full Right Hand Chording (#221 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-221

Product Description

This course teaches you full right hand chording with supporting left hand bass lines. Chording with the right hand means the melody is sung or played by someone else and you are free to concentrate in playing a full sounding accompaniment with both hands.

Learn the most useful chords for the right hand and the best positions of chords, whether in root position or an inversion. Learn useful chord progressions in several keys and discover how to chord familiar songs with ease. This course includes techniques such as adding walking basses, introductions, endings, runs, and several songs to illustrate how to create really good sounding arrangements.

The 60 minute CD, recorded by Madonna Woods, demonstrates how to coordinate your chording with the melody and create exciting arrangements. The book is 40 pages.