How to Play Gospel Style Technics #3 (#118 Book and CD)

How to Play Gospel Style Technics #3 (#118 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-118

Product Description

This course is designed for Level 4 students with some experience playing from a hymnal. It explains what true evangelistic playing is and how to achieve it.

This course explains and illustrates fully the techniques of how to take a hymn from a regular hymnal and turn it into a full evangelistic style arrangement. It teaches all about chords and how to recognize them in hymns. It shows how to play a good bass accompaniment in many different styles and rhythms. It explains key signatures and helps understand their sharps and flats. It includes a section on rhythm and how to use it to make your playing irresistible. It shows how to play all major and minor chords and how to use them to get rich, full sounding harmonies.

There is a full section on fill, runs and endings. It shows where to begin and end a run and how to fill in those empty places in the music. It explains which chords you are most likely to find in any key signature and how to learn to play well in that key. It illustrates these techniques and skills and gives full arrangements of several well known hymns.

The 48 page book is accompanied by a CD which is recorded by Madonna Woods. It gives more explanations and lets you hear each example, style and technique. Learn to recognize major and minor chords, as well as 7th, 6th, 9th chords. Even learn extending and altered chords.