How to Speed Read Music (#194 Book and CD)

How to Speed Read Music (#194 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-194

Product Description

This course will teach you to read music faster and more accurately. Madonna Woods has designed this course to help both those who must read music, like accompanists for church choirs and soloists and for those people who simple want to improve music reading for their own enjoyment.

Learn how to practice to improve music reading ability. The course explains a day to day plan to learn to read whole groups of notes at a time in the same way you read English groups of words at a time. It explains how to improve reading ability by developing a better understanding of chords and harmony—especially their use in keys, and takes you through several different keys so you can almost know what notes to expect in a piece.

It also contains a section on improving your rhythm—most people’s greatest weakness. It gives a full section on secrets that professional accompanists use in how to read new music giving a good, accurate rendition—up to tempo—the first time! This one course won’t make you perfect the first time you ever play a new piece of music, but it contains indispensable information for people who are tired of slowly, laboriously stumbling through new music and want to learn to cover much more new music, rapidly and well.

52 page book together with a CD that provides further explanation together and demonstrates examples and exercises.