Meet the Composers (#206 Book and CD)

Meet the Composers (#206 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-206

Product Description

This course has been expanded to introduce the wonderful world of classical music to children in a way they can understand and enjoy. It brings the music of the great composers to the beginning student. It begins with a concise explanation of the periods of classical music. There is a picture of each composer and also a brief but interesting biography for each one. This course includes 17 world famous themes by these composers in preparatory level arrangements. Madonna Woods has made these arrangement playable and enjoyable for the beginning student. It helps foster a life long enjoyment of the classics. Includes music of Beethoven, Grieg, Bach, Handel, Chopin, Strauss Jr., Mozart, Brahms, Schubert, Wagner, Mendelssohn, Verdi, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Haydn, and Liszt.

The 45 minute CD is recorded by Madonna Woods and demonstrates these classics for the student. It helps begin a real acquaintance and appreciation of classical music.