Piano Lesson Need Not Cost a Fortune!

Piano Course for Christians (MWS-179)
Item# MWS-179

Product Description

Complete Piano Course in 6 levels - 6 books and 8 CDs.

This is a complete piano course that teaches music reading and all the music fundamentals and finger techniques needed for mastery - from beginner to advanced students.

This is real piano instruction - not just fun and games. It is the kind of instruction you would get by taking your child to a piano teacher. All music, text, and illustrations reinforce Christian values. It teaches many familiar hymns and gospel songs. The children love the lesson format and learning to play songs they have heard before.

It is written and recorded by Madonna Woods, a fully accredited teacher with a Master's Degree in Music and years of teaching experience. The Course books give easy to understand explanations of music basics, one by one. She explains further on the CDs and demonstrates how all the music should sound and gives warm, practical advice and encouragement.

Complete lesson plans are included with each level of the Course. Thousands of home school families have used this course with great success. It is very affordable and can be used over and over by all members of the family.

In these times you want full value for your money. You can tutor your child in music. This course will help you every step of the way.

Course includes 6 step-by-step piano instruction books plus 8 CDs which give further instructions and demonstrate each lesson on the piano. Lessons plans are included for each level.