Preparatory Level Set

Preparatory Level Set
Item# MWS-170

Product Description

This beginning level course book is divided into 20 weekly lessons. The book and it's CD are $29. That's a little less than $1.50 for each lesson.

This is an excellent book for beginning piano students, written by Madonna Woods, to give a complete foundation in music. Christian values and concepts emphasized throughout the book.

This course starts by explaining the keyboard and how notes are named. It explains the musical staff and how to read notes and then teaches counting and rhythm in simple time signatures. It covers other basic beginning techniques with both hands staying in 5 finger hand position in middle C. The songs used are familiar hymns or songs with themes of a Christian nature.

The 64 page book can be used as the main course by any teacher to build an excellent foundation in music. Yet it has thorough enough explanations of music basics to be used by parents who are home schooling their children. This course includes a Lesson Plan as a suggested guide to help tutor the student and notes to parents on how to monitor lessons, encourage practice and assess progress. This course can also be used with an electronic keyboard.

The two CDs, recorded by Madonna Woods, gives further explanations and clearly demonstrates how each lesson should sound. Invaluable help and advice if you donít have a teacher! Lesson Plan is included.

Here's what L.M. from Mississippi said:

"My son played Hymn of Joy from the Preparatory book for his first recital. We appreciate your fine materials...and the Godly values upheld...and the simplicity of your teaching."


There are supplementary books of familiar gospel songs, finger exercises, and theory workbooks carefully coordinated to go with this level to give variety, interest, and experience. Click on "Supplemental Music for Piano Course" (upper left) for a full description.