About the Author - Madonna Woods

Madonna Woods has a Masters degree in music and has taught piano and organ in conservatories and professional music studios. She and her husband developed and owned for many years a successful teaching studio where all instruments were taught. Then she went into writing her own music courses.

She has been very interested in teaching children to play the piano through Christian music and concepts and her entire Piano Course for Christians curriculum is directed that way. She uses familiar Sunday school songs, gospel songs and hymns, and very well know classics to use as her framework for teaching music fundamentals - from the beginning on through the advancing levels of study.

She has always believed that children who are taught to play a musical instrument carry that skill throughout their entire lives. And if it is Christian in nature, their playing can give them a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment their whole lives, and also become a means of expressing their faith.

She was also intensely interested in teaching adults, especially those who want to improve their musical skills. Church musicians often need to be able to read music fast and well, fill out hymns into gospel style by adding fills and runs, transpose, improvise, change keys, accompany, lead congregational singing and much more.

So her many courses on these subjects have helped adult students in their church work and their own musical development tremendously.

But equally she found that many, many adults, of all ages, just wanted to learn to play a little of their favorite kind of music, mostly gospel songs, learn a little chording, learn to play a favorite song by ear, and chord it, too.

Again her many books, courses, and CDs and cassettes for these students are so clearly explained and demonstrated slowly enough that people really have learned to play, and learned easily and enjoyably. Even complete beginners to piano or the keyboard, as well as those who already play some have found her teaching helps them finally be able to learn to play the kinds of music they want.