Reviews of the Piano Course for Christians

From Mary Pride:

"Madonna Woods has created a program - Piano Course for Christians - that does the same as give you a kind, patient, Christian teacher that...comes to your home to teach your children for only the cost of books...Her instructional books provide simple explanations and illustrations...and the CDs coach your child to piano playing success. The beauty of the program is that you can stop and replay the CD if there is a concept that needs reinforcement. These instructional books and CDs for all levels are ideal for families with several children."

From Homeschooling Parent:

"Madonna Woods' Piano Course for Christians is a viable alternative to hiring a piano teacher to teach your children or to teach yourself, the basics of music and piano playing. Her course offers six level - preparatory level through level five for progressing students. The difficulty in each level corresponds to the same level in other recognized piano courses. The difference in this class is that it is designed for Christians...with music, text, and illustrations used to reinforce Christian values."