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"We love your books! My daughter is doing very well - progressing fster than we ever hoped she would." J.N., IL

"I really like the way you have written your books in such a simple and yet clear, easy to understand way." R.B., OK

"My three children are thrilled to be learning piano. They are doing so well with your courses! The CDs are so helpful." C.K., NY

"I love your Piano Course...I am very satisfied with how quickly I'm progressing through the levels." K.G., OH

"We love your home study course! The boys and I are all learning together." S.V.D., IA

"My 12 year old really enjoys your Piano Course and is doing so well. He practices without being told." N.W., CA

"Thanks be to the LORD for giving you such a talent, and then, thanks for being willing to share your talent with us." R.E., TX

"My daughter started in your Piano Course just a few years ago and now she's playing in churh." J.L., OK

"Mrs. Woods, love all your courses that I have received. I am 70 years old and taking piano lessons. I have one regret, where were you when I was young." J.H., NE

"Overall a great experience, Lots of items at great prices. Quick email responses and prommpt shipping. One of the items I had ordered was no longer available, so they modified my order, indicated that and shipped. They evven included a catalog for my future use. I would definitely consider using them again." W.K., Email

"I play the organ at my church and your music lessons have really helped me so much." F.S., TN

"Thanks for the wonderful material you mailed me! I have never had training in music and your books on playing by ear really worked. I have played several of my favorite songs by now and I sound good!" A.E.J., NC

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"What a blessing you have been to me in your Play Gospel Songs By Ear books. I have always enjoyed Christian music...but never considered myself musical...and I am now really surprised that I can sit down and play gospel songs without a book in front of me. God bless you for being my teacher.! J.F., Canada

"I am a beginner on the keyboard and your books have helped me tremendously." C.S.B., FL

"Your books are written very simply to understand and play. They are not loaded with too much new material on a page. Thank you for ...this Christian service.! L.V., MD

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