How to Play Chord Guitar (#114)

Item# MW-114

Product Description

If you want to learn guitar, but don’t know one thing about it, this is the book for you! You’ll be playing a song the very first day, by next week you’ll be playing many songs—popular, gospel, folk, more!

This book has been newly expanded and improved.

It starts by explaining 3 ways to tune the guitar; you pick the easiest for you. Then it shows how to hold it, finger, strum and when and how to use a pick.

You'll learn quickly and easily how to read chord symbols. Sharp clear diagrams give chords and exactly how to play and finger them. Clearly illustrates the guitar frames found in most music today.

Gives a super easy way to play your first 2 chords. Then gives songs using just these 2 chords. When you've mastered these, you will taught more chords.

You'll easily see how to play and strum more songs like Aura Lee, He's Got the Whole World, Home on the Range, Amazing Grace, and many more.