How to Play Gospel Style Technics #1 (#145 Book and CD)

How to Play Gospel Style Technics #1  (#145 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-145

Product Description

This course teaches how to add those extra notes, fills, runs and basses that can help you play the way you want to. This Level 2 course requires some ability to read music and chord symbols.

You will learn to play primary chords instantly, how to play full left hand chord accompaniment in true gospel style and how to achieve strong rhythmic beats that make your playing irresistible. With this course, you will learn walking basses, running bass octaves, other moving basses that sound so exciting, brilliant right hand technics, more cross hands style, octave runs and other fills.

All the songs are notated in treble clef only in single or double notes with chord symbols added. All extra notes, fills, runs, basses and other touches are written right on the songs so you know exactly how to play each new technic. The 48 page book is has a 60 minute CD which gives more instruction and demonstrates all techniques to show how songs should sound.