How to Play Gospel Style Technics #2 (#146 Book and CD)

How to Play Gospel Style Technics #2 (#146 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-146

Product Description

If you want to learn the professional secrets of playing evangelistic embellishments, basses, runs and other techniques, you must have this easy to understand course for the Level 3 student.

This course requires an ability to read music fairly well, handle both basic and some dotted rhythms. It shows how to play left hand chord accompaniments, fully explains and illustrates chords major, minor, 7th, minor 7th, diminished and augmented and tells how to use them to enrich your harmony. It shows how to develop moving basses into full bass runs. It shows exactly what notes to play and how to make them come out right. New exciting right hand technics like octaves with 3rds, octaves with 6ths, the tremolo, and more. Learn rolling and broken 10ths and other techniques. Most songs are notated in treble clef and include full instructions on all embellishments, runs, fills and connecting notes.

This 48 page book also covers organ and explains how to use good pedaling, registrations and special effects. Even more explanations given on the 60 minute audio CD by Madonna Woods in her clear, encouraging way. All examples and songs demonstrated so fully that you will know exactly what to do.