Rhythm in Gospel Songs By Ear (#121 Book and CD)

Rhythm in Gospel Songs By Ear (#121 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-121

Product Description

A good beat and great rhythm is what makes gospel music so compelling. This 64 page book, by Madonna Woods, explains common rhythm patterns used in all music but especially in gospel music. You will learn exactly how to set up a good beat and how to play rhythm bass patterns that will make your gospel music irresistible. This book will show you how to play runs and fills by ear and how to fit them in a song so they sound just right. Comprised of 12 lessons, this book for piano and organ will do wonders for your rhythm and your gospel playing. The lessons are oriented toward playing by ear and explain what chords to play and when to play them. You will also learn how to find the strong and weak beats in a song and how to enrich your sound by playing in minor keys. The book illustrates how to arrange and play any gospel song by ear.

The audio CD, recorded by Madonna Woods gives you more explanations. It actually lets you hear the rhythm in the songs. Each example is played slowly. The cassette, used right along with the book, will enhance your enjoyment and speed your progress.